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What is the Yerusalem Forum?

The Yerusalem Forum is a coalition of nonprofit organizations that work together to breathe new life into the story of the Ethiopian-Jewish community in Israel and to find a new, positive, authentic and significant place for it in the broader Israeli-Zionist narrative.

The Yerusalem Forum was launched in January 2017 and aims to create a platform for a robust, diverse network of local leaders, who will work to combat alienation from the other and racism, creating a more tolerant, shared and unified society.

We focus on three main activities:

  • An annual event highlighting Ethiopian leaders and community heroes.

  • An "Identity Journey" to Ethiopia for senior officials in public, social, academic and communication/media organizations.

  • Promotion of educational and tourism sites in Israel that demonstrate the profound story of the Ethiopian community in Israel.

An annual event highlighting community heroes

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Shmuel Yilma, Yerusalem Forum founder and director:  | +972-50-7570497
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